USB 2.0 10 port hub won't start on Windows Vista

How do I resolve this issue on my USB 2.0 10 port hub? —Description:
Windows was able to successfully install device driver software, but the driver software encountered a problem when it tried to run. The problem code is 10.

The Device manager shows the Hub with a ! in a yellow triangle. The error message says the device cannot start. Microsoft Driver 6.0.6002.22636 is installed.

Hi John,

Thanks for posting here! I am sorry to know that you are having trouble with the Plugable 10 Port Hub.

Some quick questions to narrow things down-:

  1. Are any devices connected to the hub?

  2. Connect the hub to the system without any devices connected. Plug in just a USB mouse. Does Vista detect the mouse?

Once you post back with this information, we will figure out the next steps.


Hi Roze,

I have plugged the hub (with no USB devices connected) into an into a USB port on mh HP 8440P elite book running windows Vista. When I do I get the message.

“Device driver software was not successfully installed”
Please consult with your device manufacturer for assistance getting this device installed.
Generic USB Hub Failed.

As background my laptop is connected to a docking station and I do have USB devices connected to the laptop (not the hub).


for whatever reason I replugged it a fifth time and it worked…

All looks good now…


Glad to know that the issue is fixed! :slight_smile: If you need any help or information regarding any of our products, feel free to post back here or shoot us an email at We are here to help!