USB 10-port hub not detected by MacBook Pro

My Plugable USB 2.0 10-port hub is not detected by my MacBook Pro. Are there drivers that I need to install?

Hi Anasady,

Thanks for posting! No drivers needed on any operating system, so there’s only a few things that can go wrong.

To isolate it down:

* Can you double-check the USB connection between the hub and the Mac … is it solid?
* Is the blue LED strip on the hub lit?
* What USB device(s) do you have attached through the hub - I assume they aren’t showing up on the Mac?

Thanks for double-checking these things and providing whatever background you can on what you’ve tried.


Triple checked the connection and the blue strip is on. I have a webcam and USB drive connected through the hub and I can’t see either on the laptop. But if I connect without the hub both devices work properly.

Unfortunately, this unit or cable may be bad. Could you email your amazon order number to We’ll get you fixed up.

Thanks for your patience!
Plugable Support

I thought the same phenomenon described above was happening to me when I plugged in the Plugable USB 2.0 10-Port Hub to my MacBook Pro, until I plugged in a USB device to the Hub and then plugged in the power adapter for the Hub. The last sentence in the installation description on the box is what threw me off. It says, “After the connection, the system will detect the hub and automatically complete the installation.” I was waiting for some software installation to occur. So when no installation happened, I thought there was a problem.

At first, I plugged in the hub with no power adapter and nothing happened (except the blue light on the hub). Then I plugged in my flash drive into the hub (without the power adapter) and I got a message that there was not enough power and to plug in the power adapter if one accompanied the hub. Once I plugged in the power adapter to the hub and plugged it into the wall/power strip/surge protector, everything worked just fine. That last sentence in the installation directions on the box should be reworded to something like, “After the connection, plug in any USB device to the hub and the system will detect the hub. You may need to plug in the power adapter if there is not enough power to support the device that you plugged in to the hub.”