US to CAD price

I am interested in ordering this product from, but why the US price is 149$ and CAD 299$. Don’t make sense, should be like 200$, not 299$.

Thanks for posting Olivier!

The price of the UD-6950H in Canada was incorrect. It’s now been properly to 185CAD.


Hi Gary,

Great, but I think you still have a bug with the order system.
I ordered the product but never received a email confirmation and it did not calculate the tax.


Hi Olivier,

Glad to hear the pricing issue was resolved! Though it’s very unexpected to hear of problems with order confirmation and tax since these aspects are handled directly by Amazon.

We use Amazon Fulfillment Services ( ), which means we warehouse and sell through the Amazon Marketplace and it is Amazon who handles all our orders including payment processing, tax collection, order confirmation emails, etc.

For security reasons as you can imagine they don’t give sellers any visibility into this part of their systems. But Amazon should be quick to help with these issues using the link below.


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