URGENT >> External Speakers Volume level VERY VERY QUIET via UD-3900

I just switched out my Targus docking station for the UD-3900. Everything is working great except the volume from my external speakers.

I have a pair of harmon/kardon speakers that CRANK. There is sound coming from them now but it is VERY low.

I have to have everything on 100% just to get what used to be 2% volume.

I have reviewed the Playback devices and confirmed that the active device is “Plugable Audio”.

I have reviewed the Levels table in the Speaker Properties.

I have ensured that my speakers’ volume is all the way up.

Please help! I don’t want to have to return this unit!

A couple other details.

In the “Plugable Audio Properties”, I tried to update the driver but the current one is up to date.

Oddly, this is the same driver (I think), made by DisplayLink, that I used on my previous docking station.

Does this mean that there’s some kind of problem with the unit itself, like the jack?

Again, there’s sound coming out, but much lower than it should be. If I had everything to 100% when I was on the Targus, it would be unbearable and patently bad for my hearing.

PLEASE HELP. Thanks! Noah

SOLVED! A pair of headphones were plugged into the speakers and had fallen down behind my desk when I was installing the new docking station. D’oh!

Glad you found the solution Noah, and thanks for posting the update regarding the resolution!

Best regards,