Upgraded to MacOS 13.4 and 2nd HDMI monitor stopped working (UD-ULTC4K)

Updated my MacOS to 13.4 and now only the HDMI1 monitor port is working. The monitor that I have on HDMI2 is no longer recognized. I have unplugged the usb-c connection from the ULTC4k to the Macbook Pro, I then powered down the ULTC4K. I shut down the Macbook and waited about 15 minutes. Powered the Macbook Pro back up, powered the ULTC4K back up, reconnected the ULTC4K to the Macbook via USB-C and that did not resolve. I rebooted with everything still connected and that didn’t resolve the issue. Powered down everything and waited about 15 minutes and restarted… that did not resolve the issue. Tried reinstalling the displaylink manager software, but received a message the version I have installed is newer from the one I am trying to install (which is odd as it’s the same version 1.8.1). Not sure where to go from here. Please advise.

Hello and thanks for posting! I am sorry to hear of this issue with the HDMI 2 port on your dock and we will be happy to help.

Just for confirmation, does the HDMI 3 port also not work?

Assuming HDMI 3 also does not work, our product experts would like to view a log file from the system with the dock connected, if possible. To help us do so please generate a macOS system report file so we may examine the status of the dock and DisplayLink software? We offer instructions to do so here: https://plugable.com/pages/plugdebug

Please send the macOS system report file to support@plugable.com in an email with Ticket Number 408175 in the subject line. We will match everything up and proceed with investigation and next steps from there.

Thank you,

Plugable Technologies

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