Upgrade power management: PPPS (Per Port Power Switching; default power state control; LED lights for all active hub ports

1.) Some customers want extra power management features on their USB hubs to minimize power consumption of attached devices. Please make hubs that support PPPS (Per Port Power Switching) out of the box. Customers running hubs with many attached devices, with high electricity prices, can easily save the cost difference for a slightly more expensive hub.

PPPS support (with a basic PPPS app) could also help those who are asking for manual per-port switches.

If out of the box support isn’t in the cards, at least consider making hubs that are easily upgradable by determined customers to PPPS.

By easily upgradable, I mean make it easy for determined, advanced, customers to solder in the necessary transistor and resistor components to unpopulated areas on the PCB. It’s okay if that means voiding the warranty.

2.) add/allow for a configurable default power state so that the hubs can be set to automatically come back on after a power interruption/power loss. This request is similar to an option found in many motherboard BIOSes. Or replace the soft-switch with a physical on/off switch and/or circuit breaker for overload protection.

3.) some of your hub models (like the 7 port USB 3.0 60 watt model) are missing LED lights for the active/working hub ports. Please make that a standard feature on all your hubs. Please avoid using excessively bright blue LEDs.

Thanks for the suggestions!