update windows, update plugable driver and nothing works AGAIN

update windows 10 and again for the second time now, plugable is not recognized even with their newest driver

Hi Michael,

We sent the following in reply to the ticket you initiated via email, but posting here as well.

Very sorry to hear about the issues. If you’d rather proceed with a refund instead of troubleshooting, we can certainly go that route. But I suspect the issue is fixable with the steps I’ll outline below.

Regarding Windows Update and the drivers, whenever there’s a major OS release or update that will likely affect our users, we do our best to provide thorough, proactive information about the situation. Recently, the Windows 10 “Anniversary Update” included major changes to how the DisplayLink drivers (which we use for out docks and adapters) interact with Windows. If interested in additional information on these changes, please read our blog post from August below:

The key steps outlined in the post above regarding what to do if things aren’t working after the update are pasted below. Can you please give them a try and let us know if it resolves the behavior?

In the cases where USB graphics aren’t working as expected after installing the Anniversary Edition update, the best practice is as follows:

  1. Disconnect your USB video adapter or USB docking station (if using a docking station please also disconnect the power adapter)
  2. Uninstall the ‘DisplayLink Core’ software package via the Control Panel and then Programs and Features. This will also uninstall the ‘DisplayLink Graphics’ component if present
  3. Download and run the DisplayLink Installation Cleaner from here -> http://www.displaylink.com/downloads/…
  4. Reboot the system, even if not prompted
  5. Download and install the DisplayLink 8.0 driver from here -> https://s3.amazonaws.com/plugable/bin…
  6. Reconnect your docking station (after reconnecting the power) or USB video adapter and your displays should become active