Update Killed my Monitor!!

I just installed the latest update from Display Link and it killed the monitor that was attached to it. I tried to unplug and replug the adapter but it did not work. In the end I had to do a System Restore back to before the installation.

Hi Richard - Thank you for posting about this problem! We haven’t yet seen this problem, but this morning there are two posts on it. We’ll figure out what is happening with DisplayLink’s automatic updates, and post the solution.

Until then, your solution of using Windows built-in System Restore to go back to the system prior to the update is the best, thank you! Another way would be to uninstall the DisplayLink drivers, and then re-install the slightly older driver 5.3 M3 from http://displaylink.com/support/downlo…

And for users who haven’t yet installed this update (which I believe is to 5.4), please decline the update for now, until we understand the scope of this problem.

We’ll get this figured out. Thanks again for the report - it helps other users, too!

Hi Richard,

Based on what we’ve seen the last few hours, we believe this is a driver signing with a particular version of the DisplayLink drivers that are being pushed out with auto-update (version 5.3.25973.0, not 5.4 as we thought earlier).

We’ve confirmed that the 5.5 beta from http://displaylink.com/support/downlo… installs fine and resolves the issue.

We’re looking to confirm if the latest 5.4 release (the one dated 16 August 2010) is also fine.

If you could install either of these later two versions, you’ll no longer be offered the auto-update (because you have a newer version), and all should be well.

If/when you do the software update, could you confirm with us that everything is well with your setup?

Thanks, and thanks for your patience!