Unsigned driver

Just got my Agent V5 webcam. Plugged it in. It didn’t come up and tell me it was available. I installed the Cd software. 2 messages came up saying the driver was unsigned and this version of Windows (7) requires all drivers to be signed. Driver disabled.

Hi Jon,

Thanks for posting! Sorry, yes, for 64-bit Windows 7 (which enforces no unsigned drivers), you’ll need to get the updated, Microsoft-sign driver from http://agent.liquiddigital.com.au/app…

Make sure to get the 64-bit version for the V5 version of the webcam. It’s at the bottom of the page: “PC Driver for Windows 7, XP and Vista (64 bit)”

I’m a little concerned, however, that the webcam didn’t do as expected when simply plugged in. Without any CD or download, the webcam should make use of USB audio and video class drivers built into the OS. It won’t pop up any fancy application, but if you go into any app which makes use of a webcam (skype, etc) you should get standard webcam functionality without even having to install this special driver – it just adds the advanced features of face tracking, etc.

So let us know how it goes after the updated driver download. If there are any problems at all, we’d be happy to take care of them.

Thanks for your purchase and your patience!