Unreliable Gigabit Ethernet UD-3000 and Surface Pro

Surface Pro with UD-3000 Gigabit Ethernet issue.

I have purchased your plugable UD-3000. USB 3.0 docking station and I am using it on the Microsoft surface pro. I am having very strange issues with the Ethernet port. When I first boot up and log in. Then make sure my connection to Windows Home Server folders are good though file explorer. When I try to transfer a large file or groups of files the transfers just freeze and then none of the folders to the server that were involved with the transfers are visible again until I reboot.

Also when this happens browsing of the internet is un-predictable. Sometimes pages load and other none at all.

While this is happening I never see any issues with video so I think it’s isolated to the Ethernet port. How can I get this to work consistently? My order number from Amazon is: #103-2222665-7060203. And I am using your latest drivers: 7.2 M0

Update: Must be a defective unit…I have swapped cables and switch ports. Used a known good cable and port etc. Also if I run pings against any of my network devices I get less that 55 percent return rates.

This (or something similar) is happening to me as well. I also have a MS Surface Pro and have updated to the latest drivers. I’ve had to unplug the Ethernet cable, restart and then turn wifi on. If I just turn or leave wifi on, it doesn’t work. Super slow connection.

Ok…I read through the release notes and it mentioned a new Ethernet driver. Well with that in mind I did a restore to my last restore point before I installed the unit and installed version.7.1 M1 and now the Ethernet connection works just fine. But as usual on of the fixes in 7.2M0 the accelerated video support in the browser setting that Metro apps rely on makes them launch slow. I’ll take slow metro apps over a non-functional network port.

Hi Ronald,

Thanks so much for the report! It’s a great help to others.

We will do that – we’re trying to figure out the parameters of the problem, so we give the right advice. But it’s good to know that the back rev was a good workaround for you.

We’ll keep tracking this with DisplayLink, and expect improvements with coming versions.


The latest driver from DisplayLink 7.2 M1 from May 10th has resolved this issue for me. I am getting full speed on the Gigabit network connection and have reset the use GPU option in the browser back to default and all modern windows 8 applications are launching just fine.

Great, thanks for confirming that Ron! DisplayLink’s release notes for 7.2 M1 also confirms the fix is included in this latest driver version. Here’s the link in case anyone is curious: