Unrecognized clicks on some graphics

Just got the UGA-125 and discovered a minor problem. I tried playing MS card games with it on a VGA monitor and clicks on the cards were not recognized. I had no problem clicking on buttons or other typical windows objects. I’m using Vista on a Toshiba Satellite.

Hi Robin,

Thanks for posting! The built-in card games make surprisingly heavy use of 3D graphics (more like a 3D game than a normal application), so this may be a performance issue.

First thing we’d double-check is if Aero is enabled: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/wi… if Aero isn’t enabled, that could be making the difference, and enabling would help.

Assuming Aero is already enabled, if you play the card game on your main (non-USB attached screen), or in a smaller windows on your USB screen, does that avoid the problem? If so, it’s pointing to performance.

Let us know - and if you can mention the Toshiba Satellite model # we can look up its specs, and see if there’s likely any more we can do.

Thanks again!

Great support! I was not running Aero (never heard of it). I have it running now and the card games work correctly.

Hi Robin - wonderful! We’re glad to have helped. Enjoy your extra monitor!