Unit Circling The Drain

I have a UD-3900 (bought a year ago, unboxed and started using 4 months ago). I am using it with a Lenova Yoga 2 (i7, SSD, Windows 8.1 - Classic Shell).

I am running 2 monitors. One is is connected DVI, the other is connected to the HDMI port via a VGA/HDMI adapter.

About 2 months ago, the monitors started to drop out intermittently. It became more frequent. While it affected both monitors, it affected the one connected to the HDMI port to the point where i ended up unplugging it all together and went to one monitor. I updated drivers. No improvement.

In the past few weeks, my bluetooth keyboard and mouse (usb transmitter plugged into one of the USB 2.0 slots) will lock up nearly every day. The only fix is to unplug and re-plug the UD3900. The monitor will also drop out at least once a day, but will return after a few seconds.

At my witt’s end here. I loved this unit the first month i had it, but it seems to get worse as time marches on.

Any help would be appreciated

Hi Lee,

Sorry to hear about the issues. I’ll be happy to help get to the bottom of it.

A good starting point will be to have a look at some system log files which will hopefully give us a better understanding of what’s causing the behavior.

Can you please run our log-gathering tool from the link below on your system? (It will be best to run the tool after you’ve gone through an unplug/replug of the unit, so the behavior shows up in the logs.)


The tool will save a .ZIP file on your desktop which can be emailed over to support@plugable.com for us to have a look and determine the best next steps.