unhappy about docking station

the plugable usb 3 hdd docking station i have doesn’t work well at all. i have it plugged into a plugable usb 3 card and when it feels like it, it will mount the hard drive which isn’t most of the time. a blinking green light on the device (with the drive unavailable to the operating system) usually seems to indicate some sort of difficulty accessing the drive. i went ahead and swapped the usb 3 cord for a usb 2 cord and plugged that directly onto the motherboard to no avail. however, when i go ahead and use another brand usb 2 docking station connected to either the plugable usb 3 card or to the motherboard, it works flawlessly (with the same drive). before you ask, i am using the latest drivers for the usb 3 card as well as the latest firmware per your site for the docking station. the os is 64 bit vista.

ps: when the drive manages to mount (via the plugable docking station) which is rarely, i continuous/brief freezups on my mouse pointer as i move it around which makes it hard to get anything productive done. if the device manages to appear in windows for an extended period of time, it will eventually disconnect itself (as when ejecting a drive) and then reconnect later if left on.

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for posting - what you’re describing (especially the wider effects) are not normal and point to a definite problem.

USB 3.0 scenarios can have issues from a number of sources (host controller, cabling, drivers, etc.)

But if you double-check using the USB 2.0 cable to standard USB 2.0 port on the PC, and still have problems … that’s pointing to a bad unit.

I’m sorry, and we’ll get you fixed up as quickly as possible. Please just email your Amazon order # and unit serial number to us at support@plugable.com

Again, my apologies,

thanks for such a quick reply. email sent !

ok i’ve sent 2 emails already with no reply - i’m gonna go ahead and just purchase another brand.

update: my emails were caught in their spam filter and they contacted me. much appreciated.

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your patience! We’re very sorry - it was frightening to realize some customer mails were getting flagged as spam. We’ve turned off our spam filtering (which was through google).

We’re getting a few more “interesting” tickets with “exciting opportunities” for us to explore … but hopefully we’ll be able to avoid a delay like this again.

My apologies!

the replacement unit works great ! has been for the past two weeks. thanks again for the service !