I’m researching the universal docking station. When you want to “undock” the device, can you just yank out the USB cable, or do you have to press any special buttons first or shut down the laptop? Apparently the Toshiba dynadock requires you to press a button on the device first, then wait, which seems like it would be a pain in the neck after a while. (But I’m looking at that docking station cuz it has two more USB ports…)

Hi Herine,

Thanks for asking! No undock button, and none required.

It’s all standard USB 2.0, and every built in device (graphics, audio, network) is completely hot-pluggable. The USB cable can be plugged/unplugged at any time and as quickly as you like. You’ll get a few bings from Windows and your displays will flicker as the new display comes and goes, but you’ll never have any data lost or any problems.

Now, like with any USB 2.0 hub, if you a 3rd party storage device (like a USB flash drive) plugged into any open ports, you’ll want to take care to not pull it mid-transfer.

But the docking station itself has no such device inside - it’s completely stateless and hot-pluggable. So it’s only something to think about when you have other things plugged in downstream.

Hope that helps! Thanks again,

Thank you!!! That feature and your reply are both awesome. You’ve definitely earned a big fan here!