Undocking issue - settings retention


I purchased the UD-160-A for a client and it seems to be working great except for one troublesome issue. We have a 5 year-old Dell Latitude D360 (Win 7 32-bit) and an HP2009m monitor, and are attempting a basic duplication/mirror setup from the laptop to the monitor. This works fine until the laptop is undocked and then redocked. The monitor goes into sleep mode when the laptop is undocked, which is normal, but when the laptop is redocked the monitor does not return from sleep mode and the Plugable settings have reverted to “Off” versus “Mirror”. We are forced to go to the Plugable system tray icon and select “Mirror” again from the pop-up menu to awaken the HP monitor and bring up the mirrored display. Any suggestions would be appreciated!


Hi Tim,

Thank you for posting your question about the Docking station.

Others with similar problems have found it helpful to undock the laptap while it is still awake, before closing the lid, or manually putting it in sleep mode.

Basically, the docking station is designed to return to whatever state it was in when the laptop was undocked (when the docking station’s USB cable in unplugged from the laptop). So if the laptop was in sleep mode when it was undocked, the docking station will return to (or stay in) that state until it gets instructions to do otherwise.

If the laptop is automatically going into sleep mode, you can reconfigure the power settings so that the laptop does not sleep while connected to AC power, and instead just have the monitor turn off after a period of non-use.

Alternatively, you can just wake up the laptop before unplugging it.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Plugable Support


Thanks for the quick reply, David! I guess I didn’t state my case very well. The issue is not with the laptop in any of its power modes, including sleep. I have been undocking the laptop while it is fully awake, with the lid up and screen active. It’s the monitor which goes to sleep when there is no longer a signal input, which is normal mode for an HP monitor. The problem is that when the (fully awake) laptop is once again docked (plugged int) to the station, the monitor does not awaken and the settings in the Plugable software have not been retained. The display setting goes back to “none” vs. “mirror” which is how they were configured prior to undocking. I have the USB 3.0 version of the docking station at home and this does not happen with that, at least in Windows 8 and my HP monitor. It “remembers” all of my settings. Make more sense?


Hi Tim,

I’m sorry for the delay in replying!

I’m going to do some research into this issue, and get right back with you on it.



Hi Tim,

If you haven’t already, could try shutting down the computer completely while connected to the monitor, than bring it back up again and see if it retains the correct setting?