Unbelievably great customer service!

I’m used to rather lackadasical customer service from most technology companies. I often have the sense that I’m being sent form letters or messages and that my own messages fall on tin ears. Not so with plugable.

From my first inquiry through the last, I felt that the person on the other end listened and cared about what was happening with my USB hub. It took an exchange of several messages to come up with the resolution. The responses from plugable were always prompt, even on a Sunday when I really did not expect to hear an answer until Monday.

Thank you, plugable.

Thanks so much for your kind words!!

We’re a small company – praise like this cheers everyone here at the office!

Being at the other end of this scale and receiving Unbelievably bad customer service it sound like I got the wrong person 7 days since reply.

Bernie can you please help me or return faulty product for full refund

Hi John - Sorry for the frustration! If it’s been 7 days, it’s almost certainly a spam box problem. If you didn’t get a ticket #, can you look for our replie(s) in your spam box and/or start a new public question here? If you did get a reply with a ticket #, can you post back with that?

My apologies and thanks!

Josh has replied and data receipt has been confirmed, no ticket # on any reply’s received obviously an internal issue to be resolved. Thanks for your email.