Unable to run plugable MICROSCOPE

Hi, I have installed a plugable microscope, but does not run not microscope nither camera. The divers donwnloaded are from https://s3.amazonaws.com/plugable/bin…. what do I need to have working this device? I have Windows 10 pro, 2016 from Microsoft. thank you for your help

Thanks for contacting us!

The typical path to get this working is:

Download software > Install software > Attach microscope > Launch software

The software is available from http://plugable.com/drivers/microscope

If you already have a webcam attached (or built-in to) your computer, you may also have to select the appropriate device from the software’s settings menu. This menu is accessed by clicking the grey gear icon.

Let me know at what point you’re having issues, and I can help with additional instructions!

Thanks, Your post worked for me.