Unable to make plugable work

I have just bought the plugable USB Type-C Gigabit Ethernet Adapter USBC-E1000 and installed the downloaded software on my Mac with the latest OS, but nothing works. Why?

Hello Edgar,

Thank you for your question.

Often times when we get this question, the issue is that there is already some older version of the ASIX driver software present on the Mac.

Simply installing the latest driver package will not overwrite/update the drivers unfortunately, and they won’t work. Instead, there is an uninstaller that has to be run (instructions are included with the latest drivers in a PDF document starting on Page 11). After running the uninstaller, restart the Mac, install the latest driver package, then restart once more and the adapter should be working.

If this process doesn’t work, there may be something else causing issues and I can help to troubleshoot and get things working.

Let me know if this helps.