Unable To Install USB2-E Adapter

Unable to get USB2-E Ethernet Adapter to function. I’m not tech savvy, but here goes- Gateway M-Series Laptop with recently installed Windows 7 64 bit SP-1. Loaded DVD-RW, each time referred to file or AutoPlay in Control Panel for options/support. Multiple files show driver AX88178 installation (or attempt). I’m lost!

Hi Ross,

No problem. We’ll try to help.

For Win7 64-bit, on the mini-CD that came inside the package – if you explore files, you can go into the Windows folder, then the Windows 7 folder (something like Windows7_v1.x.3.7_Drivers) and then click on setup.exe

Or, if the machine you’re installing on has other network access, you can simply download this latest driver (for Win7 32/64) here: http://plugable.com/public/drivers/AX…

And click on “setup.exe” once you open the folder.

Please let us know if setup has started fine, and if you have any troubles after that.

Thanks for your patience!