Unable to identify second monitor

I received my adapter today, installed the software included, updated from the web, and loaded to my 3.0 USB port. When I go to the display settings and click identify, there are no additional monitors detected. I tried the other three USB ports, and each causes the blue power light to appear on the plugable. The HDMI cord does work when plugged directly into the computer, but my 4k computer only has a 1.6 HDMI port, which does not project in 4k. I am assuming that I have a defective unit, but if there is anything else I can try, please let me know.

This sounds like a software issue. I’d like to take a look at your system logs to see if I can understand why the device is misbehaving.

We have a log gathering tool that gets us the information we need. If you could, please follow the instructions on the below page to get a log capture .zip archive:


I will follow up to this post with a private email where you can send that as an attachment!

I made private contact with Robyn and was able to determine that this device was defective. I saw clear indications of USB communication faults in logs, even after a clean driver install, which would generally rule out any false-positives.

In this case, Robyn had purchased this product used from a third-party seller, so I was unable to replace this device under warranty. We highly recommend always purchasing Plugable products directly from us, as this guarantees lifetime support and a warranty against defects.