Unable to extend/view computer screen photo on HD TV screen.

I am trying to set up my newly purchased Plugable UGA-2K-A device. I am a novice at this effort. My goal is to display JPG digital photographs that are on my computer on my HD TV screen.

On the TV screen I see the mobile computer cursor and when I right click I see the computer mouse’s drop-down menu on the TV screen’s black background but not anything beyond that–that is none of the other items on the computer screen are visible such as software programs or a photograph.

I have connected my Asus netbook computer model Eee PC 1001PXB with operating system Windows XP Service Pack 3 to my Sony high definition TV model KD-30XS955. My connection is from the computer USB port to the Plugable UGA-2K-A to the UGA adapter to a HDMI cable to the TV HDMI port. I have accessed the automatic download for the Plugable driver, which the computer says is version installed. The computer says the computer screen resolution is 1024 x 600 and the TV screen is 1280 x 720 pixels. Then I downloaded and ran version 5.6 30731.0. This didn’t make any difference in the TV screen view.

I would appreciate any solutions you have. Thanks.

Hi lyle9g,

Thanks for posting! From what you are describing I think the TV screen is set to ‘Extend’ mode (display on the TV is in addition to the laptop screen) while you are expecting to see the display on your laptop duplicated on the TV screen.

If the TV screen is in ‘Extend mode’ you would see the check-box next to “Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor” selected as in the screenshot give below.


If you do want to see the same display on both the laptop screen and the TV, you must deselect the check-box next to “Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor” and click on the ‘Apply’ button to save the setting.

Do post back and let us know if changing the mode helped.


Thank you for your very helpful info! Mirror mode worked and displays everything fully on both the computer and the TV screen! Mission accomplished!

It doesn’t matter anymore, but I still don’t understand why the Extend mode didn’t show the full contents of the computer screen on the TV screen. (In Extend mode the TV screen showed only the computer mouse cursor and drop-down menu on a black background screen without displaying any software content, i.e., on the TV screen no software program visible such as MS Word or photographs.) Maybe it has something do with my particular computer and TV characteristics and/or setup. It hadn’t occurred to me that if Extend mode didn’t behave the way it was my understanding that it should based on the instructions pamphlet, Mirror mode would behave any differently.

Thanks much for solving my problem.

Oops, on rereading your explanation I think I get it now. I think you’re saying that the Extend mode setting was set incorrectly so that the TV was probably in Extend mode whereas it should have been the computer that was set to Extend mode.


Glad to know that everything is working fine. :slight_smile: When the TV or any external monitor is set to be in the ‘Extend’ mode, Windows considers your display area to be the sum of your laptop screen and the external monitor display.

You can move the mouse from your laptop screen to the extended display. The icons and open programs stay on the primary monitor (your laptop screen in this case) until you click on it and drag to the other display.

Hence in ‘Extend’ mode, you can have a different window/program open on each extended display (windows supports up to six external monitors connected via USB).

When you are in mirror mode, you see the exact same display on both the laptop screen and the TV/monitor connected.

They are just two different methods of displaying.

Please do feel free to post back here or shoot us an email at support@plugable.com if you ever need any help or information regarding any of our products. We are here to help!