Unable to establish connection between WinXP and Win7 PCs with Easy Transfer Cable using either WET or Bravura Easy Computer Sync

I have read multiple forum posts, tried multiple techniques for establishing the connection between a machine running XP and a newer machine running Win7. I have tried Windows Easy Transfer and Bravura Easy Computer Sync, tried connecting both ends of the cable simultaneously and in various orders. Nothing works. Neither computer ever finds the other. What is going on? I tried the cable between the same Win7 PC and a Win8 PC and it worked perfectly, but I’ve tried it now for two different transfers from distinct XP machines to either Win7 or Win8, and it never seems to begin to work with any XP machine.

Hi Peter,

Thanks for posting here about your experience with the Easy Transfer Cable on your XP machines, I’ll be happy to help.

On XP it’s necessary to install drivers for the Easy Transfer Cable. We have a blog post that walks through all of the steps to get the drivers installed and the transfer working.

Here’s the link:

Follow the instructions under the “Using Microsft Windows Easy Transfer” section.

Once the drivers are installed on the XP machine give it another try and let me know how it goes.

If it’s still failing, let me know the details of any error message you see and we’ll figure out the best next steps.


Plugable Technologies

Yeah, I took the initiative and searched online forums for solutions and found this one and others. I’ve tried at least 8 proposed solutions. None of them has been successful. Plugable simply has not put enough resources into XP compatibility. I think that’s obvious.

Hi PW,

Sorry for the frustration. We have thousands of users of the cable with XP, and because of that have hit (and most of the times) solved many different kinds of issues with XP.

Because the cable worked between a Win7 and Win8 PC, it’s pointing to a USB-level software or hardware issue with the Windows XP machine.

The most common problem of this type is when XP is no longer recognizing new USB devices because some system files have been overwritten (files like \windows\system\usb.inf or others – this is unfortunately common with XP as these inf files are not protected).

If that turns out to be the case, we’ve solved it in the past by pulling the missing Windows system files from another XP system (or sending them over).

We’ll be able to tell this from one of the log files on the XP system:

(on most XP systems, this is c:\windows\setupapi.log)

If you could send this log file to us, we’ll be able to see if any low-level problems are happening, which would explain why this one machine isn’t working while others are.

Thanks for your patience!