Unable to detect monitor in Windows 11

Three weeks ago I upgraded my laptop to Windows 11. Plugable USB 3.0 worked just fine, and everything connected, including my monitor, worked as expected. This morning when I started my laptop, the large screen monitor, connected to the computer through Plugable is no longer detected. In Device Manager, there is a yellow warning triangle over Plugable UD-3900. Do I need a Plugable driver update?

I found an article that solved this. Through Run I typed devmgmt.msc to Access the Device Manager. Under Display Adapters I could see that there was a failure sign for Plugable UD-3900. I uninstalled this. Under Action I selected Scan for Hardware Changes. This found and reinstalled the Plugable UD-3900 adapter. The remote monitor worked instantly.

Hi Sandy,

Thank you for posting, and for the quick follow-up post letting us know that you resolved the problem. I thank you as well for sharing the details of the solution in this specific case that is much appreciated.

For the benefit of any others following this thread, when a Plugable product based on DisplayLink technology (such as the UD-3900 docking station Sandy is using) is not working as expected, the best practice is follow the steps here → https://kb.plugable.com/docking-stations-and-video/373346-my-displaylink-based-dock-or-adapter-is-not-working

Please let us know if you need any help in the future, and please have a good day!