Unable to create compressed stream: Check your CODEC options

I just installed the digital viewer for my 250x. The viewer allows me to take photos and time lapse but not video. When I try to record video I get the error message: “Unable to create compressed stream: Check your CODEC options”. This happened on my Lenova Windows 10 and my Panasonic Windows 7. It is also happening when the video feed is set to web cam.

How do I fix this?

It sounds like the Xvid codec wasn’t installed along side the app for some reason. This shouldn’t technically be possible, as it’s a requirement.

To resolve this, you can either try uninstalling and reinstalling the app, which should hopefully silently install the codec as well, or you can download and install the codec from the following page:


If it is properly installed, you should be able to verify this from your “Apps & Features” control panel in Windows. It should look something like this:


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