Unable to connect my pixel 2015 to the internet via ethernet with USB-C docking station w/PD (UD-CA1).

I recently purchased the USB-C docking station with power delivery (UD-CA1) to work with my Chromebook Pixel 2015.
While every port appears to work, I am unable to get internet connection from the ethernet port.
The Pixel recognizes the ethernet but is unable to connect after trying and gives the message “Failed to connect to to network ‘Ethernet’: DHCP lookup failed”.

Hello Kevin - On the surface level this problem sounds to be a network problem. Is this your own or a work/school network. If this is your own private network at home, I would first try a new Ethernet cable. If this however is a school or a work network, you might have to let the IT department know of this docking station and pass its (the docking station’s) MAC address.

This is with the network at work. How do i find the MAC address of the docking station?

Nevermind, I found it, and registered the MAC address and it’s now working!

Thank you for letting me know. I am happy to hear you are up and running!