Unable to Close Lid and do nothing - Second Monitor Fails

2021 03 07
I have a Dell Inspiron 13 5379 2in1 INTEL CORE i7 8TH GEN 16GB 500GB which is running Windows 10.
I have the Plugable Docking Station Universal USB 3.0
I am running two ASUS VZ239HE-W monitors
Several programmes, Microsoft and Dell ensure I always have the software up to date.

I use the laptop as a server and rarely remove it from its location. I require the laptop lid to be closed to take up less room and to avoid the accumulation of dusk. At the beginning I was able to set the laptop lid to “do nothing when closed” and this worked. However now I have to permanently keep the lid open or the second monitor will not display its screen.
As soon as I close the laptop lid the right hand monitor goes dark and then blue and shows an HDMI no signal message and then it turns black and shows no display.

I would appreciate some help on this.

Yours sincerely,

Hi Emma,

Thank you for posting!

I can see that you have also reached out to us directly via support@plugable.com with an identical request for help, and I have just sent my direct reply with the next steps.

Moving forward, please only reply to our direct email in order to help keep all communication in one place.

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