Unable to choose TV display in intel graphics control panel

I just received my UD-3000 dual monitor docking station. I’m connecting a Samsung TV to it through HDMI. I updated the drivers for the Intel Graphics card, but I am unable to select the TV in the intel graphics control panel so that I can adjust the aspect ratio. In the select display box, the TV is not listed when connected through the plugable device. “Built-in Display” is the only option listed. When I connect directly to the laptop, I can select the TV as the display and the correct aspect ratio is applied.

Hi Cat,

Thanks for posting! I’d be happy to help with your docking station.

Since the video output in your dock is driven by a DisplayLink chipset, the Intel software for controlling their own graphics chipsets (like the internal one in your laptop) has no control over the output.

The alternative method to make changes to the aspect ratio of the image sent to your TV via the dock is by using the DisplayLink Manager Tool that should be appearing in your system tray on your desktop.

There should be a small icon that looks like a monitor with a cable connected to it. If you right-click on that icon you should see a pop-up menu. Select item that represents your dock (in my example a UD-3900) and then you can easily alter both the resolution of the display and change what is known as the underscan and overscan settings to slightly strech the image in both the horizontal and vertical directions using the Fit to TV option (examples below).

Hopefully it is just a matter of adjusting the resolution and/or overscan and underscan settings to make image fit properly.

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Worked perfectly (using the ctrl key to control the precision). Thanks!