ultimate dock for Australia

Hi, I would like to buy an ultimate dock UD-ULTCDL, but the Amazon store will not ship these devices to Australia. Can you please let me know when this is likely to change?

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the interest the UD-ULTCDL!

To ship units to Australia, they must be designated as eligible for the “Amazon Global” program. Unfortunately, we (and many other sellers) are currently unable to enroll any of our new products into this program, and Amazon has given us no indication when sellers will once again be able to do so.

In the meantime some Australian customers have had success using various freight forwarding services to obtain items from Amazon.com.

The last challenge to mention is warranty service. With Australian purchases we’re certainly happy to assist in troubleshooting via email as always, but if a replacement unit were needed we have no means of shipping to an address which isn’t serviced by Amazon.com.

Hope this helps clarify!

Best wishes,