UK power supply for my Plugable UD-3900 Rev B

I need a new UK power supply for my Plugable UD-3900 Rev B. I bought a 5V 4A 5.5mmx2.1mm adaptor however this is too big and doesn’t fit. It appears Plugable use a non-standard barrel connector size, perhaps 4.7mm. Can someone please confirm what size of connector I need for the power supply?



Hi Mark,

Thanks for contacting us! We actually cover this topic in the FAQ section of our product page (…), and for your reference I have included the information below:

Q. I lost the power adapter for my UD-3900. Where can I buy a new one?
A. We sell replacement power adapters for use in the US, UK and EU via our eBay Store here ->… Direct links to each specific style are:

US Style UD-3900 Power Adapter ->…
UK Style UD-3900 Power Adapter ->…
EU Style UD-3900 Power Adapter ->…

To your specific question about the barrel connector size for the adapter, please see the information below:

Barrel Diameter (OD) - 4.72mm
Pin Diameter (ID) - 1.6mm

Please let me know if you have any additional questions!

Plugable Technologies