UGA not working with Mac mini

I have tried for the past two months to get the UGA-2K-A to operate properly with a Mac mini (2010) as a third display, but with nothing but frustrating results. USB device freezes, not waking from sleep, third monitor going blank, etc. Sometimes things seem OK, but it’s inevitable that one of the above problems will strike at least once during a work day. Add to this that DisplayLink is STILL only issuing 1.6 Beta 3 for Snow Leopard, and it looks like this product is dead in the water. Too bad I persisted for two months, as I should have returned it to Amazon within the 30-day period.

Add to this a whole other set of problems when trying to integrate the Plugable USB2-HUB-AG7 in the above system, and you’re really going to find a lot of trouble. Luckily, I am able to return the AG7 to Amazon for a refund.

Since I apparently cannot get a refund on the UGA-2K-A, what I’d like to do is return it to you anyway, then wait until both an improved, reliable version is in production, and when DisplayLink has reliable, non-Beta software available.

I am very disappointed in both these products. They offered considerable expansion and performance capabilities, but have failed to deliver. I will get by with my Mac mini’s dual monitor feature for now, but would really like to see Plugable and DisplayLink work together to iron out the various problems that I and many others have had and expressed.

… Tom V

Hi Tom,

I’m very sorry you’ve had a terrible experience with the graphics adapter on your Mac. We try to be aggressive in product listings, warning of the beta status of the DisplayLink drivers for Mac, so users who choose to go ahead anyway do so with clearer expectations.

But you’re right, the new updates of those beta drivers from DisplayLink have only been coming every few months – with some big improvements (like better performance in 1.6 b3) – but in other cases, only just enough to keep up with things Apple changes either in hardware or software. Progress has been happening, but slowly.

I don’t understand what has gone wrong on your system – the magnitude of the sleep/wake problems don’t sound normal – but I understand when you’re at wits end, you may not want to go through the process of trying to solve the issues. But if you’re willing, we’d like to.

On the other hand, we don’t ever want customers to be stuck with product that has never worked as expected for them. If you email your amazon order # to, we’d also be happy to offer you a refund for the graphics adapter, now or if we fail to get things running as you expect.

And I know you’ve already gotten a refund and returned the hub, but we’d really appreciate any details you can give on the problems you had (now that you removed the hub from the equation, problems you’re no longer having?). A hub simply should not be any trouble like that.

Again, my apologies. Please let us help you if we can - and we really want to understand at a technical level what went wrong here.

Thank you!

We don’t want people stuck with a product that doesn’t work as they’d expect. The DisplayLink drivers for Mac will continue to improve, but we can’t guarantee anything about the timeline. So we’ve issued Tom a refund for the graphics adapter.

We also asked any specifics on any problems with the hub - this is very important to us, because other than the keyboard/mouse waking the machine on iMac (which seems to be a general problem for the iMac with many powered hubs), we don’t know of any Mac-specific issues with our hubs.

We understand Tom’s frustration on the graphics side, and hope that in coming months things will continue to improve - but unfortunately we do expect Mac to lag behind Windows in terms of USB graphics driver support for some time.