UGA devive intermitent

Hi, I recently bought a USB 2.0 UGA and whenever I turn off my machine and turn it back on it does not recognize it. I have to then unplug the cable from teh USB port, wait a little bit and then plug it back in befor it recognizes it. I have a Samsung 900X machine running Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit SP1 , and the UGA is plugged into the USB 2.0 port and have the latest driver from displaylink…besides this problem, everything else is fine.

Hi Khody,

Thanks for posting! Here is the link to the beta version of R6.0 DisplayLink driver. Please do download and install it and let us know if it fixes the issue.

R6.0 DisplayLink driver

If the new drivers do not fix the issue here are some quick questions to help figure out the issue better-:

  1. When you start the system, does Windows 7 give any error messages? If yes, what error code/message is displayed?

  2. Which is the model of our USB Graphics Adapters do you have? Is it the Plugable UGA-2K-A? If yes, when you start up the system, does the Green LED light up?

  3. Is the USB Graphics Adapter plugged into an inbuilt port on the system or through a Hub?

  4. When you replug the USB Graphics Adapter after unplugging it, is it plugged back into the same port from which it is unplugged?

Do post back and update us regarding the issue.




I have model number UGA-2K-A. It is plugged directly into my USB port. When I startup the system the green light does not light up when the adapter is plugged in. I have to start-up and the unplug and replug the adapter to get it to work. The same thing happens in the other ports.

I have not installed the Beta driver.


Hi Khody,

Thanks for the information! Could you please install the beta driver and let us know if there is any change in this behavior?