UGA-4KHDMI Pluggable HDMI Adapter Second Screen Intermittently Turns Green

Working from a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 with UGA-4KHDMI Pluggable HDMI adapter for my second screen and running Windows 8.1. The first screen is setup using the mini display port and an HDMI adapter. Both are fed from the Surface Pro docking station. Both of my monitors are LG Ultrawide 29" IPS LED (29UM57-P) models.

I have downloaded and installed version 8.0.422.0 of the DisplayLink software.

My problem: Intermittently the second screen turns/goes Green! I unplug the USB end of the UGA-4KHDMI adapter from the docking station and then plug it back in then the screen comes back.

Your help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Just happened, again.

Just happened, again, but this time screen went pink.

Hi Jason,

Thanks for posting. I’m sorry your adapter isn’t working as expected, and I would be happy to help.

Thank you as well for the follow up posts. Just a quick note, the driver you have installed is a beta version and is not the version we currently recommend. We always have the version we recommend for our docking stations and adapters posted here -> That said, based on your description the adapter may be faulty, so we’ll want to proceed with sending out a replacement to rule out the adapter itself as the cause. If you would please send the following information to with ‘For ticket 145353’ in the subject line so we can match everything up (please do not post this information in the forum):

  1. The Amazon Order ID number for your Plugable purchase to confirm warranty status
  2. The serial number from the device itself
  3. Your preferred shipping address

Once we have the above information we can get the replacement process started.

Thank you in advance for your patience,

Plugable Technologies


I tried to download and install the drivers that were shown on the link you referenced. I received a message that said my DisplayLink drivers were already up to date.

I have sent an e-mail to the address with the information that you requested.

Thanks for your prompt response and attention.