UGA-4KDP with Qnix QX2710

I have a problem with a UGA-4KDP that I just purchased.

I have a Qnix QX2710 Korean monitor with a single dual link DVI-D port on the back. I have an Accell Ultra AV Dual Link DVI-D -> DP active adapter, that works when plugged into my Macbook (correct resolution, proper EDID reading).

When I try to then plug the Accell active adapter into the Plugable UGA-4KDP, the monitor just shows artifacts (no display at all), and the DisplayLink Manager software reports 640x480 as the only available resolution (real resolution is 2560x1440).

It seems as if the EDID of the monitor is not being read correctly by the UGA-4KDP. The Accell adapter just passes the EDID through to the DP port, as the EDID is the same even if I plug the monitor directly into a DVI-D port on a desktop computer.

Is there any way to fix this? Or some piece of debug software that will allow me to trick the DisplayLink chip into using a specific EDID? I realize that the chip tries to stick to the timings on the EDID reported by the monitor, but this is inconvenient for power users and people with obscure monitors.

Hi Ricky,

We sent the following email in response, and are posting it here as well in case the email didn’t make it through:

Thanks for contacting Plugable! I’ll be glad to assist.

Interesting issue - I’m curious to help get to the bottom of it. We’ve got a troubleshooting/log-gathering tool that will be a helpful next step. It will gather driver information as well as EDID info to give us a better understanding of what’s going on.

At your convenience, if you could please head over to:

There you will find a download link as well as instructions. You’ll want to run it with the 4KDP, Accell adapter, and Qnix all connected. Once we have the .zip file it generates, we’ll get a better idea of how to best proceed.