UGA 4KDP freezing on Windows 10

I have two UGA-4KDP connected to my Surface Book and they can work for hours but then freeze or somehow stop working.
I have checked that the very latest released drivers are installed.
I connected them to the Docking station, I also connected them to a Plugable USB hub but they behave they same in all circumstances.

Once the issue occurs I can actually disconnect the plugable hub from the PC and quiet often the image continues to be displayed on the screen.
I can only reset the adapters by plugging them out and re-plugging them back in again.

How can I solve this issue please as it is very annoying.
I have a three screen configuration, surface book screen and two UGA 4KDP adapters.
My screens are new Dell U2719D

Thank you

Hi Paul,

Thanks for joining our forums and we’ll be happy to help with this issue.

I’m sorry that you’re seeing this issues with our adapter and appreciate you letting us know the troubleshooting steps you’ve already taken.

I’ll follow up with you be email to get additional details to see if the devices you received may be defective. Once we identify the resolution, I’ll update the thread here.

-Andrew T.
Plugable Technologies

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