UGA-4KDP displaying incorrect colors on Samsung 4k MONITOR from Dell Precision Laptop

Greetings, I have two identical Dell Precision 6800 laptops using the extended port replicator docking stations running windows 8.1. Each workstation is using 3x of the Samsung 28" 4K monitors. I purchased a total of 6 of these dongles. hoping to only need to use one for each workstation. ( due to being able to use the two native display ports on the extended doc)

They have different failure modes but i suspect that there is a single root cause so I offer them both. ( They are identical machines imaged identical images)

  1. Computer one: was only ever able to push to the laptop monitor and one screen ( never two screens) and I was able to get the 2x plugable 4k’s to push to the other screens. This solves my issue for screen coverage however the colors being rendered on the monitor are very incorrect. Ironicaly when using snipit to send the example of teh colors they look perfect on my phone ( being used to fill this out)

Q: What do i need to do to get the colors to render properly on the monitors that are using the plug-gable solution? ( this is not a video file complaining of a slight color skew, thegoogle chrome logo is red = Blue, Yellow=sky Blue, Green is Neon Green, The blue circle is Orange.

  1. Computer 2 i can get the dell to push to two monitors just fine and colors look great. However i am unable to use any number of Pluggable adapters. I can not get any video through them at all or get them to be recognized. Despite following the same install process and rebooting.

Q: it seems that there are some kind of drivers fighting ( Intel? Nvidia? Pluggable)

Thanks for your help in advance. !](](

Hi there,

Thanks for the post and thorough troubleshooting notes!

Very odd behavior regarding the skewed colors - curious to help get to the bottom of it. (I’ve run into similar color behavior reported every so often when using an analog VGA connections, but not at all common with a digital connection.)

Since you’re seeing the issue with multiple adapters, I share your suspicion that there’s some sort of odd driver interaction going on here.

I suspect drivers are also the the underlying problem on the second system where you’re not getting any video output via the USB adapters. Since the systems are identical and based on the same OS image, my hunch is that the DisplayLink drivers might just be in a bad state on computer #2.

A good next step will be to have a look at the state of some log files on the system #2 that isn’t outputting any video over USB. This will give us insight into the other GPU drivers on the systems which will be relevant for additional troubleshooting on the first system as well.

At your convenience, if you could please head to the following page:

Please make sure to run the tool with the adapter and monitor attached to the USB adapter, even if the monitor isn’t outputting video. The program will gather some Windows and DisplayLink logs into .zip file that will be saved to your Desktop and can then be emailed over for analysis.

Please send the file to and we’ll have a look to see what the best course of action will be.


Same problem here - was this ever resolved?

almost same problem, dell 6700 and dell 2713HM monitors. the Colors (missing red I think) are messed up !](](

@TheNaeblis - that’s the same inversion that I’m seeing.

I’ve taken this up with this directly with DisplayLink, the chipset manufacturer:…

@herb you have done much more than i have. so let me add my set up.
Dell 6700
Nvidia Quadro K5000M (latest drivers)
Dell e Port Plus docking station
2 4K monitors on Display Ports
3 2560 Monitors on USB that experience the inversion issue

i can also confirm that snips and screen captures display correctly (on a different Monitor)

he incorrectly looks at the Intel driver. we have two video cards, the Intel driver has no access to the display ports and is only used in powersaving mode or via the VGA connector.

did you lose access the the NVIDIA Control Panel?


Just to jump back in here with Gary and for the benefit of anyone else following this thread, TheNaeblis contacted us directly via our email support system and the investigation is ongoing. I am monitoring the thread that Herb started in the DisplayLink forum as well but there hasn’t been a response from DisplayLink since 2/10.

It does appear as if there may be a low-level bug either in the Nvidia display driver or the DisplayLink driver that is causing the color shifts.

Two items I have just recommended to TheNaeblis to try in the meantime are:

  1. Rolling back the version of the Nvidia GPU driver on his system to an earlier version to see if the behavior changes.

  2. The Nvidia control panel on Dell systems with Optimus graphic switching will let us assign a specific GPU to a specific piece of software, and trying to assign the DisplayLink software to the Intel GPU and see if that changes the behavior.

The process is outlined here:…

We would want to assign the following files to run with the Intel GPU:

All of the above files should be located in C:\Program Files\DisplayLink Core Software

Thank you,

Plugable Technologies


Just a quick update for anyone following this thread. TheNaeblis tried the steps in section two outlined above to no avail. I am asking him to try rolling back the Nvidia driver to see if that resolves the color shifting issue.

We are going to work with DisplayLink to try and determine the source of the problem (whether it is a DisplayLink driver issue or an Nvidia driver issue) but this may take some time. As DisplayLink writes all the drivers for their chipsets we have to rely on them for fixes of this nature.

As soon as we have any relevant updates I will post them here.There have been no updates in the other thread that Herb opened on the DisplayLink forum since 2/10 -->…

Thank you,

Plugable Technologies