UGA-4KDP connected to LG 25UM58-P only getting 1920x1080

I just purchased teh UGA-4KDP and I am connected to my LG 25UM58-P via a display port to HDMI cable. I can’t get any higher resolution than 1920x1080. I says it would support 2560x1080, which I am getting on my second monitor connected directly to the laptop via HDMI.

I am running Windows 10 enterprise with all the latest firmware. Can you please look into to this issue. I noticed the note about adding an active adapter for 4K but my monitor isn’t 4K, its just an ultra wide monitor.

Please advise as sine I purchased this specifically to drive my second monitor.

I just added a Kopplen Active DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter between and purchased HDMI 2.0 cables and I still cant get the resolution mentioned above in my original post. this is pretty frustrating when the product advertises that it can drive high end 4K monitors and im not even trying to drive a 4K monitor just a wide screen 2560x1080. Any support/advise on this would be greatly appreciated.