UGA-3000 while Dell D3100 works through separate USB 3.0


Will UGA-3000 work if I have 3 external monitors already running through a separate USB 3.0 with Dell D3100?

If I am not mistaken the two devices use different Displaylink chipsets - D3100 uses Displaylink’s DL-5500 Chipset.

I intend to give the two devices independent direct access to different USB 3.0 ports on my Windows 10 Creators Update laptop.

D3100 technical details:… !](](

Hello Arjun, thank you for posting. We have already replied to your direct email message, just pasting similar test here to make sure everything is updated.

We have not tested our adapters internally with the Dell DisplayLink docking station, but we have had reports from customers successfully using them together.

Please be aware that DisplayLink USB graphics adapters (like ours and the Dell dock) are dependent on both the CPU and integrated graphics processor in your system to function and each additional unit requires more resources. With that many adapters the performance may not meet your needs, and many modern USB 3.0 systems can limit how many USB devices can be connected to your system so you may run into a limitation that would prevent all of them working properly (this can happen with them directly connected or with a hub). I mention this to let you know of any possible issues you may experience, although they are rare.

Thank you,

David W.
Plugable Technologies