UGA-3000 shipped from Plugable Technologies with WRONG DVI-I to HDMI connector!

I just purchased the UGA-3000 from (see link and it arrived with an HDMI-male to DVI-female connector (DVI-I to HDMI), but the DVI output on the UGA-3000 adapter is female. So there’s no way to covert the adapter’s DVI-female output to HDMI output, since the connector that’s supposed to do that is DVI female too. By contrast the DVI-I to VGA/D-Sub connector is correct, with an VGA female to DVI male. Of what use is the DVI-I to HDMI connector? And how to am I supposed to convert the output to HDMI with the parts/equipment sent to me? The DVI-I to HDMI connector SHOULD BE DVI-male to HDMI-female! On Amazon, the listed-components image shows the CORRECT HDMI-female to DVI-male connector included with the package contents!


Hi Dan,

Thanks for posting your question here! I’m really sorry that the wrong adapter was enclosed in the package. I apologize for the frustration caused.

We will ship out the right adapter so that you can connect a monitor via HDMI through this adapter. If you could shoot us an email at confirming the best address to ship the adapter, along with a link to this thread, I can make arrangements to ship it out today itself.