UGA-3000 and use with Surface Pro 4 Docking Station

will I be able to use the UGA-3000 with the Microsoft Surface docking station for Surface 4. I currently run 2 each external Samsung S27D590C powered by the Surface docking station. They are plugged in using Microsoft adaptors to the mini display ports of the docking station. I also use the Surface 4 as a third device. Up until recently I powered a 4th monitor, actually my Vizio TV, off of the mini display port of the Surface 4, again using a Microsoft HDMI to Mini Port adaptor. I am not sure what happened but now I can only run a total of 3 monitors. If I plug in the Vizio to the Mini Display port on the Surface 4 one of the Samsung monitors automatically disconnects. Not sure why? If I use a UGA-300 with the HDMI adaptor into one of the USB 3.0 ports on the Surface docking station will I be able to view all 4 monitors at the same time?

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for posting and I will be happy to help! I noticed you posted another Forum question and I have responded to it separately. In looking at the specifications of the Surface Pro 4, the maximum number of displays that it can support while connected to the Surface (without an adapter) is 3 (two external displays and the Surface screen itself) so I am unsure how you 4 displays were working for some time, but the behavior you describe when connecting your Vizio TV and one of your Samsung monitors disconnected is what I would expect.

To you question and without knowing and testing with your specific Vizio TV, I would expect our UGA-3000 adapter to work in order to connect to the HDMI port on your Vizio TV while using the DVI to HDMI adapter that comes with out graphics adapter.

I hope this helps!

Thank you,

David W.
Plugable Technologies