UGA-2KHDMI - Can't get it to work

Just received the UGA-2KHDMI adapter. I have a HP Envy all-in-one running Windows 10 and I want to connect a 2nd monitor via the USB 3.0 port. Installed the DisplayLink software and driver. The device manager shows the device and says it’s working correctly yet I don’t get any connection to the 2nd display and a 2nd monitor isn’t detected. UGA-2KHDMI powers up (blue light).

Steps tried:

  1. Installed software/driver via “plugable” website.
  2. Rebooted computer after install.
  3. No connection.
  4. Deleted software/driver using plugable clean tool, rebooted, installed driver again, rebooted.
  5. Still nothing.

Since the clean install didn’t help, we’ll need to grab logs from your system to figure out what’s going wrong here. Can you run our log gathering tool from the link below and send the resulting archive to us? I’ll follow-up shortly with an email that you can send that to.

Thanks for working with me @mholmes!

After reviewing the logs, I could see the USB adapter enumerated on the system, but it wasn’t making a connection to the display. After @mholmes verified the cable integrity by using a known-good HDMI cable, I was suspicious that the adapter was faulty, so we shipped out a replacement unit, which solved the problem.