UGA-2KHDMI 3rd screen flashing off and on randomly

We are having issues with the screen randomley flashing off and on. I’ve purchased many of these adapters for our company computers and it’s always an issue. But it seems to be getting worse. I have a new Windows 10 pc that I’ve installed one of these adapters to add a 3rd screen. About every 30 mins the screen for this device flashes off, all the icons rearrange and it’s irritating for my user(s). Is there any advice that you can give besides restarting the computer? Why is this always an issue and why have your products become so unreliable? If you can’t help me fix this, I’ll have to start looking at other vendors. This is not a reliable, long term solution for adding a third monitor.

Thanks for reaching out!

It’s concerning that this issue is happening in your organization across multiple machines. This isn’t in any way an expected behavior. If used with normal productivity software on a typical machine, these adapters should be essentially invisible to the user, functioning just like any other display device.

If the display is flashing off and icons are reorganizing, that means the adapter is no longer being seen as an available display device by Windows. Given that this is happening in multiple scenarios with multiple adapters, I’d suspect an environmental issue (likely a driver policy).

I’ll need to dig into system logs to investigate. We’ve created a log gathering tool that makes this process automatic. Could you run it and send the resulting .zip to our support address?

Here’s how:

I’ll follow up with a direct email where you can send this!

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