UGA-2K v. Fedora

UGA-2K-A + Fedora 14. I ordered this via Amazon after my Dell laptop display went FUBAR. I want to get the driver from the yum repo. However, because I am now blind I cannot search or browse a kernel tree. I need to know the name of the rpm so I can do a yum -y install (package)

Hi David,

Thanks for posting! Does the laptop have a VGA output, or is that kaput also?

It looks like Fedora 14 has Linux kernel 2.6.35, which already has support for our devices in the staging portion of the kernel tree (in the udlfb module). You may need to yum -y install kmod-staging to get the staging module support.

Once you’ve done that, when you plug in the UGA-2K-A, are you getting a green screen at some point during boot (in which case Linux kernel framebuffer driver is working)? And when you hit ctrl-alt-F1, does it drop to a console on the USB display (in which case fbcon is using the framebuffer)?

Once the console is working over the UGA-2K-A, we’ll take the next step.

Best wishes,