UGA-2K-A with 1920x1200 resolution on Mac Mini

Hi Bernie, and thank you so much for your swift response.
I understand what you are describing and that there is no real substitute or suggestion other than expecting a certain tradeoff in performance for the 3rd monitor using the UGA-2K-A.
I work as a daytrader and really need more screen real estate. So if I assign the USB supported 3rd monitor to i.e. excel sheets, web sites with little and slow updates etc, my question would be if I can still expect equal picture quality, full screen and full resolution. As this is currently the best available possible solution I am then willing to accept a certain tradeoff in performance/refresh rate, but just need to know that images on this USB supported 3rd monitor will appear in color, quality and resolution as the other two that are connected respectively to HDMI and DisplayPort on the Mac Mini.
As mentioned before the Dell U2410 monitor is a 16:10, 1920x1200 and has HDMI, DVI-D, DisplayPort and VGA connectivity. Which connection would you suggest using. I think perhaps sound would be a challenge, but guess I would get sound on monitor 1 or 2 via their connections.
I was pleasantly surprised by your quick reply Bernie, and it encouraged me to want to buy your product, so hopefully your next response makes it possible.
Have a great day!

Hi Roger,

Thanks for re-framing the question and adding detail! Day-trading is one of the top uses for multiple-monitors over USB, and it doesn’t tend to be impacted by the performance limitations – you might just have to put the live video of Jim Cramer and his flailing arms on the primary screen. :slight_smile: But for Excel, charts, web, etc. - most people find the performance well within their expectations and needs.

Just to confirm, there are no sacrifices in mode (these are real modes - not interpolated), color depth (the hardware is fully 24bpp), or refresh rate (from the framebuffer of the device to the screen) – the sacrifices are rather in the performance of rendering (which is bottlenecked by the USB bus and sometimes the CPU), and in software limitations of the beta driver on Mac (mostly in the more complex areas of 3D and video playback)

Just a quick note that to get the 1920x1200 mode, just make use to get our UGA-2K-A model ( ) since you need the highest-end DisplayLink chip to get that highest mode. Note all our models have the max mode in the product title on Amazon, to avoid confusion - so you can always look there.

For connection type to the monitor at 1920x1200, I’d recommend using the DVI connection, since it’s the most direct digital connection between the two - the least room for any problems.

Yes, you’d get sound through your primary sound device, and whatever that’s hooked to.

And if you have any trouble, we offer 30 day no-hassle returns, handled and processed by Amazon.

Thanks again for your questions from different angles! It helps clarify where the technology is a good fit and not.