UGA-2K-A with 1920x1200 resolution on Mac Mini

Hi, I am using a 2010 Mac Mini (OS X 10.6, 2.66 Hz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4GB ram, NVIDIA GeForce 320M) with two Dell U2410 monitors (1920x1200 at 60Hz). I want to hook up a third monitor, Dell U2410 with same specs. So my question is if I can use a DisplayLink USB Graphic Adapter UGA-2K-A? Will it support the resolution 1920x1200 at 60Hz? Should I expect any lag on the 3rd monitor/display and will I need to download any software? Is this your recommended product for this application or do you have any other suggestion. I will need it to run flawlessly or I will chose not to hook up this 3rd monitor. Your comments will be much appreciated. Thank you.

Hi Roger,

Thanks for your questions!

The UGA-2K-A will functionally be able to do what you’re asking - it will work on that Mac mini, it will be able to work at that 1920x1200 mode on the Dell monitor. The only software is DisplayLink’s driver, with the latest version downloadable from…

But I don’t think it’s a good match for your needs, as you’ve described them. Here’s why:

1920x1200 is among the largest modes supported by DisplayLink chips - it’s a lot of pixels to push over USB 2’s 480Mbs bus. So at that mode, on any operating system, you’ll notice lag from time to time when there’s a lot of pixels changing on the screen. That’s purely from the USB 2.0 bus being saturated. On top of that, being a virtual graphics device, all the heavy lifting is being done by the driver. And the Mac driver (that every DisplayLink-based device uses --DisplayLink being the only USB graphics solution with any Mac support) is still beta quality relative to the Windows driver - there are additional functional limitations and limitations with 3D performance and video playback performance on the Mac.

If your desired mode were lower and/or performance tradeoffs were expected for applications run on the 3rd (USB) monitor, then I could recommend a USB graphics solution. But given the “flawless” parameter, so I don’t think that’s what you’re looking for.

Unfortunately, though there isn’t another easy way to get what you’re looking for with other hardware solutions - DisplayPort splitters like the IDT chips is what I’d look at next, but I don’t think it can do 3 of those high modes. That’s why the USB graphics solution is appealing (despite its limitations).

Thanks again for your question!