UGA 2K A out of stock again!

UGA-2K-A out of stock at Amazon 7/31…what is the ETA on getting them back in stock, or alternative stores?

Jayme - Back in stock as of 4:45pm PST. Thank you!

Thanks - my order for the UGA-2k-A and the dock should be here today!

Hi Jayme - Yes, our DisplayLink adapters have been selling better than expected, and the UGA-2K-A is out of stock again. Sorry!

The good news is we have additional stock that arrived at the warehouse today, so you should see the units back in stock by the end of the day, or tomorrow morning at the latest.

Once they’re in stock, there’s no delay - units ordered will ship with Amazon’s nearly immediate shipping on expedited orders, allowing even next day delivery in many cases.

Thanks so much for your interest in Plugable’s products - we really appreciate customers who go out of their way to choose us!

Best wishes,