UGA-2K-A not working

This is the 3rd Plugable Display Adapter that I cannot get working on a laptop. It reports in Device manager as Display adapter 8060. not as a UGA-2K-A and the Display Adapter icon is not in the Task Tray, nor does it show up as an option to show in the customize task tray.
If I choose to extend desktop, by clicking the windows key and “P” I am able to choose VGA, but the external monitor is still black.

The driver has been updated via the website
I have Windows 7
Lenovo X201 w/Intel HD graphics

Hi Karsan,

Thanks for posting, and sorry that there’s clearly a problem of some sort happening here. Let’s get it figured out.

When the device shows as Display Adapter (8060), rather than Plugable UGA-2K-A means that there’s some kind of low-level failure that is not getting the correct firmware, which is unusual. It’s also causing the DisplayLInk software to think there’s no adapter present

A few quick questions:

* Can you describe what you see on the LED of the adapter? I assume since DIsplayLink tray icon is there, that LED is not lit, is that right?
* You mention 3 Plugable UGA-2K-A adapters - could send your amazon order number(s) to, sowe can look up those orders and look for patterns?
* Do you have any other machines available other than the X201, just to confirm if the adapter you have has any problems elsewhere?
* Are you connecting the adapter directly to a USB port on the X201, or through a USB hub? Can you try another USB port, and if you have a powered USB hub available, try though that?

Thanks for letting us know on these questions. From that, we’ll know next steps.

Thanks for your patience!