uga-2k-a for asus ep121

I am a professor. I just purchased an Asus ep121 from the Microsoft Store. I will need to use this device for both classroom and conference presentations on projectors with only VGA ports. Will the UGA-2K-A work for this device for these applications? Or would you recommend another of your units?


Thanks for your question!

Compatiblity wise you should have no problems since the Asus EP-121 is using Windows 7 and has an Intel HD graphics card.

Performance wise, the Asus EP-121 has a Core i5-470UM processor which is dual core and has a maximum speed of 1.86 GHz (Detailed processor specs here. This will be more than enough for PowerPoint presentations, but is a little under the recommended speed for DVD video (Dual Core 2GHz is what we recommend).

If you are certain you will only go with VGA ports and never use or need DVI you could even go for one of the cheaperUSB-VGA-165. Main differences being the lack of DVI output and lower display resolutions.

Hope this helps! Let us know if you have any more questions!