UGA-2K-A Driver installs successfully, sits at black screen with no light on adapter.

I have tried to install this adapter to add a display to my laptop. I am able to get the driver to install with no issues at all, however the screen never comes on. It just stays black, and the green light on the adapter has not turned on.

The computer I am using this primarily on is a Windows 8.1 64b. system. Clean install of Windows using the latest Nvidia drivers from their page. Also using the latest drivers from the download page (DisplayLink_7.4_M2).

I’ve tested this as well on a Win7 64b system and had identical results. Driver installs successfully with no errors, but display manager shows no additional display and the additional monitor just stays turned off.

I’ve rebooted both machines several times, and the device is plugged into a USB port directly on the laptop. Verified the ports by running an ext. HDD that is particularly power hungry and hates most USB ports.

I have the DisplayLink support files, I can send them or upload them anywhere neccessary.

Hi Antony,

Thanks for posting here! Please do send us the .zip generated from the DisplayLink Support Tool as an attachment to with your Amazon Order ID and a link to this thread.

Once we analyze it, we will figure out the next steps.