uga-2k-a don't recognize resolution of 1920x1080

I install this products, add a fullhd LG 32LH20R monitor.
But only appears a max resolution of: 1360x768.
It must be: 1920x1080.
How can I solve it?
I’ve a lenovo x201 tablet conected to other monitor (equal) working ok with 1920x1080.
Thank you in advance!

Hi Miguel,

Thanks for your question! A few quick questions

  • Can you double check on the back on the adapter that it is a UGA-2K-A (and not a UGA-125)?
  • the LG TV appears to support both VGA and HDMI connections. Which one is being used for the connection, and is you’re able, how are things with the other?
  • In the Windows display control panel (called screen resolution in Win 7), are any higher modes available for this monitor?

Thanks for checking these things. TVs introduce a few more things to think about vs. regular monitors - we’ll work to get it figured out!

Thank you!

Hi Bernie, thanks for your fast reply.
I check again and is UGA-2K-A.
I change the cables from VGA to HDMI and get better image quality but the same resolutions choice.
For the monitor conected to UGA are not more resolutions than 1360x768.
For the monitos conected to the computer, appears 2560x1600. The monitor doesn’t support more than 1920x1080.
May be another thing. The UGA recognize the monitor as “LG Tv”
The computer recognize as “Non PnP generic monitor”
All the best!

Hi Miguel,

Thanks for your patience! It think we’ve figured out what’s happening here.

The LG 32LH20R’s actual max pixel resolution appears to be 1360x768. You can see that here under the specs for the TV (“Picture” section):… and on page 39 of the manual at…

It may support higher resolution modes with downscaling (taking higher res content and reducing it to fit in the smaller resolution), which is why setting higher modes may appear to work.

But when the TV reports capabilities to a computer over HDMI or VGA (via EDID), it reports a max mode of 1360x768. That’s also the mode the manual recommends for clearest PC text (which means it’s the actual native mode of the monitor).

The USB display adapter software appears to be doing the right thing - it listens and adheres to that limit.

On the confusing differences when connecting directly to the PC (not through our adapter) - in that case for some reason it appears the EDID isn’t being read or understood - so Windows default behavior then is to display all possible modes supported by the graphics adapter, not limited by the monitor (thus you see the modes up to 2560x1600). But the highest modes won’t work. It’s up to the user to stay down at a compatible mode.

So it looks like the UGA-2K-A and the DisplayLink software is actually doing the right thing for this TV. It would take an upgraded model of LG TV to reach the higher modes, unfortunately.

I know this wasn’t the answer you were looking for. But at least you know you’re getting the most out of this TV. Let us know if we can answer any more detailed questions about this configuration or anything.

Thanks again for your purchase and your question!


Thank you Bernie! I appreciate your research and dedication :slight_smile: