UGA-2K-A Doesn't work with Lenono x201 windows 7.

I installed the latest DisplayLink-5.3.25010 driver for windows 7 64bits. Connect the adapter. The green light of this adapter shines a sec then turns off. The screen shows “no signal”. I click the Plugable icon on the right button corner, the “DisplayLink Manager” is inactivated.

Hi Richard - It sounds like the adapter is having trouble at reset. If you’re using a DVI connection to the monitor, first thing to try is this: disconnect both USB and DVI, then reconnect USB, then finally reconnect DVI.

Let us know if the adapter is detected properly. We’ll try to figure this out …

Still not work. disconnect, connect, reboot,… I have tried them all with different combination, but still not work… so said.
Am I the only one?

Hi Richard - Did the adapter work at any point? Do you have another machine around to try it on?

If it’s never worked, from the symptoms, it does not appear to be a software problem – it may unfortunately just be a bad unit.

If that’s it … just email with your Amazon order number (from their email to you), and we’ll get you fixed up with a replacement. Thank you!